Good Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Website

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If you are an website owner you probably know how important backlinking to your website is. When it comes to run successful and valuable website on specific topic you should spread the word about it and getting good quality backlinks is one of the best way to do that.

The backlink is the link to your website placed on the other website. Getting quality backlinks to your website is very important because it helps to increase page rank of your website which means it will be consider more important by search engines. Besides your website will climb up search engine listings for particular keyword you get your listings for.

The best quality backlinks are the ones that comes from the websites related to the topic of your website. The higher page rank of the site that list your website the better results you will get.

There is many paid and free ways to get good quality backlinks from high page rank websites.

The most common way is purchasing listings on the other high page ranked websites that will keep the link to your website for one time payment or monthly fee. You need to keep in mind that not all website owners will agree to link to you for free. It's understandable as they've been working hard for years to achieve desired page rank.

That's why sometimes when you decide to purchase link to your site you might find prices quite high, however there are still alternative ways to place your link at high traffic and high ranked websites.

1. Forum posting

Forums are the online communities where you can share the word about the topic you are interested in and you have some knowledge about. The idea is to contribute the forum, which means you should share valuable information with other participants. Also you have an option to advertise your website. At the bottom of every post you come up with, you can place links to your websites following forum rules off course. This way the more topics you post or answers you give the more backlinks to your website you get.

2. Articles distribution

Writing articles is a great way to brand yourself and your business, give to people valuable information and earn their trust. However articles give you also good quality backlinks to your website. Normally at the bottom of every article you publish you can add resource box in which you can include a short biography about yourself and links to your websites. This way you get good qulity backlink to your website because article directories usually have high page rank.

3. Directory submission

There are loads of free website directories that will accept your listing. You can choose the proper category for your website and submit it for consideration. Some directories will list it straight away, the other ones will review it before listing it. The more directories receive your submission the more backlinks your website will receive.

4. Blogs and websites comments

Posting comments on blogs is great idea not only to express your opinion about the post you're commenting but also to get backlink to your website. Many blog owners will let you put the link to your website at your comment. This way you can get backlinks from high ranked blogs.

Also the similar way you can post your comments on websites related to your topic. Many of them include guest book where you can put your comment together with a link to your website.

The above ways to get good quality backlinks to you websites are really effective and cost you nothing. If you practice them regularly you will achieve higher page rank for your website and you will get more visitors in result.

How to Get Backlinks That Are Quality!

Once you realize just how important backlinks are to your rank in search engines like Google and yahoo you will start wondering about how to get backlinks and more of them! With an estimated 80% of page rank being determined by backlinks it is no wonder this is of prime importance to anyone who needs people to find their website amongst the clutter of the net.

The issue many people ignore in their quest for backlinks is that not all of them are alike. Smart search engines have long ago learned that people will do unscrupulous things on the net to manipulate their methods of determining good websites and have ways of detecting and qualifying good backlinks. A backlink itself is a way to determine if a site is popular as reciprocal links are not as good as webmasters can just "swap links" to gain more links; backlinks go just one way so there is less chance of anything being manipulated for gain.

The other issue with backlinks is quality. For a backlink to be counted by a search engine as good an that will help rank up your site it must fulfill a set of criteria to prove its quality. While search engines do not give out their code on this matter it essentially comes down to three things:

  • Relevance - The site the backlink comes from must have some relevance to your site. Links from sites that are similar to your own will be counted more highly than those from sites that have no relevance to your site.
  • Page Rank - The popularity of the site that the backlink comes from it very important. If a very large popular site links to you it is seen as a bigger endorsement than a bunch of very low page rank sites backlinking you.
  • Originality - The content of the site that backlinks you must also be original content. Google punishes copied material and links from sites that are punished are punished accordingly also.

So now you know what a quality backlink is how do you get more of them? One way is to write articles and link your site from the article that you post on article sites that litter the net. Another tactic is to post in forums with your site in your signature so every time you post you create a backlink. As always if you site is good, well put together and relevant then you will create backlinks from people simply willing to link you and some smart networking can also help. How to get backlinks quickly though is another matter entirely as it is a slow process.

3 Ways to Get Backlinks

We all know that without traffic, your Internet business will do nothing. Backlinks, acting like large roadside signs pointing to your blog, will direct new visitors to your blog and give your blog the needed exposure. I will discuss three ways to get backlinks pointing to your blogs.

Submit your blog post to social directories - This will quickly get backlinks to your blog. when done properly, a submission to Stumble Upon and Digg will create many backlinks and huge amounts of traffic.

Article marketing - Article marketing is still a great way to create traffic and back links to your website and for the most part is free. Just make sure your author bio box is well written and includes links to your blog. This is what gets the links to your blog as most article submission sites don't allow direct links. If they do then link away in the article also.

Post comments - A very effective and easy way to create backlinks is to comment on blogs that are related to yours. If people like your comment, they will most likely go to your blog to read more of your material. One great way to create back links is Posting comments in other people's blogs. Every time you post you are able to include your name and your website address in some comments. Try to include your primary keyword in the name if you can.

These are three ways to get backlinks to your blog. None of them are hard and they don't take a long time to do. Once you start doing them regularly, it will become second nature to you, just like watching all the traffic coming to your blog. I hope this helps you in your endeavor to make money on line and improve your Internet business and blog.